Wednesday, December 28, 2005

A skid through the slush

Out again today, this time into the snow. I wanted snow a few weeks back, so finally got my wish. Well, for one who has only a limited amount of shoes that can be worn (currently one pair of dainty but supportive trainers ...) the main hazard was getting very wet, and very cold, feet to be endured for several hours whilst we tootled round town then went to the hospital.

It wasn't too bad as the snow wasn't deep to begin with. It was turning into slush though, so I had to watch for puddles. By the time we got home by 6pm, it was beginning to freeze up. All rather like Carla's experience, I suspect! Back home now, my foot is tired, as I had to pick my way round, and step carefully so I didn't slip.

Will try out the new improved insert from the jolly orthotics man whilst trotting round home tomorrow. The support 'bump' was cut right back, so hopefully won't be crucifying my arch but will still be supporting the front of my foot. Fingers crossed, but after one and a half years of this problem, I don't hold my breath any more :-)

A new year soon - have a great one!!!!


At 1:52 am GMT, Blogger Olga said...

We didn't get snow this year... Alex, I hope your foot will get better!

At 12:21 pm GMT, Blogger Carla said...

Let's be frightfully British and talk about the weather :-) Here in East Anglia we have real snow falling right now and my other half is hoping to try out his cross-country skis in the garden. What's it like up in Deira? (I have a blizzard scene set on the North York Moors in my current novel).
Happy New Year.


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