Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Houses and jobs

Coo-weeeee. The over-priced house down the way from us has been sold already. Can't find the advert at present, but it was around the £192,000 mark. What I don't get is that unlike the (cheaper) house up the hill from us, which Martyn told me about, it doesn't have proper off-street parking (a small town car holding its breath is required to get into that space). The house up the hill has plenty of room, and is on the market for £179,000. Perhaps the over-priced one didn't go for the quoted amount. But I'm still surprised it's gone so quickly.

I'm feeling very laid-back about the non-job situation at the moment. I have no applications outstanding at present, and I don't care. If something likely comes up, I'll apply, but there's little point in taking any old job. It's the sort of thing that people in their 20s can do, as they're getting experience. Someone in their mid-40s can do without it - been there, done that, and definitely worn the t-shirt :-) Of course, if we were in dire financial straits I'd take anything that vaguely moved, but we're getting by, fortunately.

And, blimey, I still haven't finished that report ... June is the month to finish outstanding stuff (honest)


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