Friday, June 02, 2006

Off again tomorrow

Just as we've finished sorting out most of the mess from the show last week (there was some wet kit to contend with, as well as cleaning stuff up), we're off again on Saturday. Fortunately, this event isn't far from York, and we're coming home in the evening; don't want to miss fellow time traveller Dr Who :-)

Anyway, we're taking a truncated kit, so the bedding is being aired and stored, and there's virtually no food to be gathered. But the main thing we mustn't forget to take is sun screen. The sun is supposed to shine for a fair amount of the weekend (hurrah). Last weekend we got burnt even though it was often overcast. Since I'm involved (sigh), we had track down a lotion that wasn't going to set off my skin, so cue the E45. Its main ingredient is zinc oxide, rather than the heady chemical cocktail of many of the others. And of course we'll have our straw hats, and scarves around our necks.

My bow slap bruises are just about to disappear, and the scratches from the arrows on my left hand are starting to heal. So I'm off to get both renewed ;-)


At 9:06 pm BST, Blogger Gabriele C. said...

Have fun.

And gloves and a leather vest may prove a good investment if you're going to continue bow shooting.

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