Thursday, June 02, 2005

Enthusiasm level: nil

I've more or less sorted out my archaeology talk. I can raise no enthusiasm for it whatsoever, mainly because it's a talk about a professional point, not any sort of real research. Just hope by next week, I can get some sort of interest going, otherwise the actual talk will send people off to sleep (that might happen anyway, knowing my peers and their attitude to the subject matter!) It was one of those times when I volunteered to do a talk when I thought I should, rather than because I really wanted to. Wish I'd stop doing that, and only offer to do talks due to self-interest (i.e. to make my name), which would be more in line with my fellow archaeologists these days. My 'vocational' rather than 'professional' interest in archaeology is really not appropriate in these wonderful days of commercial archaeology.

See, I said there'd be doom and gloom on the horizon. But after Thursday next week, I can get back down to some proper research.

Meanwhile, my dear partner has been making a fuss of me for winning the writing competition - card, flowers, etc. I should win competitions more often if he's going to be like this :-)


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