Wednesday, May 25, 2005

I went after all ...

Yes, I went to the writing group meeting, but only because I'd had a good day, and reckoned I could handle a bit of aggravation. Imagine my surprise when LoTR won! Apparently, "the narrative had great potential for war, violence, love and lust. There was good use of dialogue which helped the plot move forward with great pace"

[snort] And I thought pace would be picked out as a problem! It's nice being proved wrong in cases like this :-)

A few things about the competition: There were six entries in all. Five of the six were historical/period pieces. Mine was set the furthest back (5th century), the others were period pieces (1920s/1930s). The judges were people from another writing group. I won the princely sum of £15, and will also get guardianship of a winner's cup for a year.

It's nice to win something for a change and for a while, I'll be able to draw on some confidence in my writing. Happy, happy, happy


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