Thursday, May 26, 2005

Nice things really do happen, sonny Jim

Nice things do happen. I'd virtually forgotten this in the past three years or so. Since being hospitalised for a pulmonary embolism in June 2002 I've really not been particularly well at all, which seemed to have seeped heavily into everything else (don't want to go into detail). The prang in the car on holiday a couple of weeks back was very much in keeping with the previous three years. It's been a marathon of endurance and takes a horrible toll mentally, is all I can say. Hopefully, this bit of encouragement might help with a general upturn in my attitude. So nice things really do happen, sonny Jim.

I only went along to the writing meeting as I'd had a good day up till then. My re-enactment shoes actually fit (!) - exciting (?) photo to follow. Then I saw Ridley Scott's Kingdom of Heaven. It doesn't have the same buzz about it as Gladiator, for various reasons, but was still an enjoyable two and a half hours. There was much to admire about it. Suspect some of the armour was wrong (as with Gladiator), but since I'm not a medievalist, I can't say for certain. The main thing was a nice, gritty, sort of setting. Believable. Unlike the fantasy of the recent King Arthur, despite its claim to be the true story. Yes, I think I'll let Sir Ridley direct the film version of LoTR ;-)


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