Monday, November 28, 2005

Let it snow ...

The view from my window at the moment is of falling snow. It's probably not going to settle - it's been raining too recently. Still, it is snow, for a second or two.

Meanwhile, the clients for whom I'm writing a finds report for have been terribly sweet. I was dreading ringing them, but they were very understanding about me not being able to meet the December deadline. So I'll be able to get on with my teaching prep - lots of reading, and a fair amount of picture/slide gathering. Trotted out to get take some photos on Saturday and somehow the weather knew I had my camera with me - yes, it rained and was mostly gloomy. Fab ;-)

Unfortunately, when the weather was better, I wasn't up to walking across town ... This weekend my foot did me proud, as I dragged it out on both days. Neary a bus was taken! However, my foot's a bit grumpy today, so I'm giving it plenty of massage. We're not going out again till tomorrow, so it can have a rest.


At 2:36 am GMT, Blogger Olga said...

Alex, I hope your foot will feel better soon! And I think I'll forget soon what snow looks like.


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