Sunday, June 11, 2006

News from the Bat Cave

Earlier yesterday, whilst helping to fold down an aired-out tent, I called the partner Batman. I often call him Boss (and he calls me Boss back), but some how Batman seemed appropriate. And then at twilight, Batman was in the garden watering the plants - we have a water butt, well full of the recent rain-water, so no tutting. I heard him shout something out, so stuck my head out the window to see him pointing. Something was flitting about in the dying blue of the sky, just above the gardens. Batman reckons it was, well, a bat. It was definitely the right time of day, and was moving erratically, perhaps swooping for insects.

But what sort of bat? A quick search of the web tells me it may be a pipistrelle bat, which is relatively common and found in urban areas. Guess what we'll be doing at twilight this evening?

I think we're doing well with wildlife in our corner of York - a great range of birds, frogs and now bats. And I was woken by those darn noisy magpies again this morning ...


At 5:46 pm BST, Blogger Sarah Cuthbertson said...

Ooh - exciting! Do you think there's a colony nearby, or belfry or something? Have you been following the pregnant pipistrelles at the Lost Gardens of Heligan on Springwatch? Will they, won't they pap their pups or pip their paps, or whatever it is?

At 8:09 pm BST, Blogger Alex Bordessa said...

We're wondering if it might have strayed from the belfry of a church nearby, though the church isn't particularly close. Didn't see it again last night unfortunately.

Of course we're watching Springwatch :-) The pips may pup soon, with a bit of luck.

At 3:21 am BST, Blogger Martyn said...

I love bats. Used to spend ages looking out for them as a kid on summer evenings :-)

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