Wednesday, September 27, 2006


First bug of the season. I was out a lot toward the end of last week, so it was only to be expected. The flu jab isn't until late October. But the bug it means I can't give blood today :-( Batman's going to, so he's doing it for us both ("That'll be 2 pints then, Mr Batman"). I'm hoping I'll feel a bit better tomorrow so I can do my hours at the Small Museum.

Conflict is in the air at present. On two fronts, in the past two days, I've been involved in email-trouble. But not really due to any mis-understanding inherent in the medium. First it was with the re-enactment group where some members were going to an event this weekend with another group. It was muggins who asked why this was a problem, given that there was no event on for our group anyway. Much flap ensued, but it seems to have quietened down now.

And then there's conflict over an archaeology course I'm running. One of the archaeology organisations involved (not the one hosting the event, I hasten to add) thinks I'm paying myself and another too much. Actually, we're being paid about the average, though it's a bit more than last year as we were able to raise the price of the course due to its popularity. Last year didn't cover my costs, and this year I'm only charging for one day anyway. Duh. Everytime I have dealings with main-stream archaeologists there is way more hassle than required. Related professionals - such as Museum Curators, Archivists, etc., are fine. Or perhaps I just have no tolerance left for archaeologists after over 25 years of being ground down.And I guess last week's bad news for Batman doesn't help now either. It's a mean-spirited profession, that's for sure and I would recommend it no-one.

And there I am, sick today. Boo Hoo ;-)


At 8:05 am BST, Blogger Diane said...

Tried to comment yesterday but Blogger was being sloooowwwwwww.

Get well soon. Hope it doesn't develop into something too horrid.

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